Top 6 Free Finance Management Apps

Managing finance has become simpler these days with the innumerable apps that are available in the app store. Here are few of the best and free finance management apps.

Mint – This is one great app for finance management developed by Intuit. It enables you to see all your finance accounts in one place, including checking, savings, and credit cards. The app automatically categorizes credit card and bank transactions. There are charts and graphs, which show you pictorially where you are spending your money. You can set financial goals like setting up limits for trip, saving to buy car, paying off debt amount, etc. Moreover, you can get expert advice with a touch on the screen. This app is a great one from Intuit.

BillGuard – This is yet another app to track your money, budget, and bills. The app lets you track all your accounts at one place. It also prevents your card from fraud and unwanted charges. The app has smart saving alerts, which search the web for applicable coupons based on the user’s spending patterns. There are also personalized savings alerts, which let you save your money. It gives you real time updates for unwanted charges incurred on your account. The app is guarded by security at the bank level, making sure that your information remains safe.

Expensify – This app makes you capture receipts, track time or mileage efficiently. Moreover, it allows you to monitor your business travel and create expense reports in a very easy manner. Expensify is a great app for sales people, travelers, and also other corporates. It has a smart-scan technology, which reads receipt and expenses and hence the need for a manual entry is not needed. The app is a must-have for people mentioned above.

Check – Check is an award winning mobile app, which is being used by many users. The app lets you manage and pay your bills on time so that you don’t stress out in paying them every month. It also manages all your bank accounts, credit cards, etc., enabling you to focus more on other work. It has a triple layer security system, which makes sure that your data is very safe.

Personal Capital – This is yet again another award-winning finance app, which enables you to monitor your finances and also prepare easy-to-read charts and graphs. The graphics enable you to understand what is happening with your money in an easy manner. The app is available on mobile and also wearable Android devices. This is a one off tool, which is self-sufficient.

Pocket Expenses – This is another personal finance managing app like others available in the market. However, its features set it apart from others in the league. The app allows you to have unlimited accounts and transactions. It lets you perform transactions by setting custom filters and also attaching photo receipts to transactions. It allows you to customize the UI to suit your taste.

If you really want to unload your personal finance management burden, then these apps are absolutely made for you. They are feature rich and consolidate all your finances at one place in an efficient manner. Once you start using these apps, you can’t get away from them.

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